World Citizen Award

2018 Awardee Brad  Gautney

As a pediatric nurse practitioner and public health specialist, Mr. Gautney and his family lived four years in Haiti pioneering low-resource HIV care, with particular attention to prevention of mother-to-child transmission of this infection. He also developed a state-of-the-art electronic medical record based on cellular telephone technology to facilitate application of HIV management protocols for both prevention and treatment. Today he leads Global Health Innovations, multiplying HIV care in Haiti and Africa with an emphasis on saving lives one village at a time.

Past World Citizen Awardees

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2006 Michael B. Wood

2007 James Malouf

2008 Gary Morsch, M.D.

2009 Nicholas Comninelis, M.D.

2010 Gary White

2011 People to People Intl of Greater Kansas City

2012 Steve Youngblood



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