“The U.S. and the UN: Lives in the Balance”

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
6:00 PM Reception, 7:00 Dinner

Intercontinental Hotel
401 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, Missouri 64112

Since 1972, the sitting mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, has marked United Nations Day with a special dinner to underscore the importance of the UN and international cooperation. Each year, the Kansas City Chapter of the United Nations Association (UNA) invites members of the local community to attend the dinner to learn about different aspects of the UN’s mission, and to honor a local World Citizen of the Year and Model United Nations student. The dinner also supports the work of the UNA in Kansas City, which is known for being an open and welcoming community.

This year, Mayor Sylvester James and the UNA will welcome special guest Kevin M. Kennedy, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syrian Crisis.

The 2017 Dinner
As conflict rages across the globe, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia; from Africa to Central America; the need for cooperation in the international community is more important than ever. Hundreds of thousands of desperate, helpless refugees surge across borders, destabilizing nations and regions, while onrushing climate change threatens unprecedented displacement and damage. New crises have erupted from North Korea to Venezuela. The United Nations is poised to adopt an assertive posture to meet these threats to the future of humanity. But will the UN have the power and the resources to make a difference? American involvement and support will determine the outcome.

Now, more than at any time since the end of the Cold War, the UN stands in the breach as millions of lives hang in the balance. The involvement of American citizens who care about world affairs is needed today – now – to drive the UN response when it is needed most.



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